Lowering the cost

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What Do We Do?

- Facilities cross boarder personal remittances.
- Tokens are used to purchase items in our stores and other partnering stores.
- Create tracking on the blockchain for product being transported.
- Create tracking for product to verify its authenticity on the blockchain.
- Use the tokens to settle or pay for services.
- Cut down the cost of items.
- Reduce remittances fees in the use case as Money Transfer (MOT).

Whitepaper for more details.

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NEOK is not a legal Tender

NEOK TOKEN It is not a legal tender. It is not USD or LD in any way shape for form. It is digital asset acting as a bridge between fiat and digital currency.

Secure your asset now.

Only 10.000.000 NEOK will be issued

The Mission

NEOK Token is here to address long-standing problems in processing payments to meet the needs of populations left out today. Offering products almost at the MSRP cost while providing a faster payment system.

Social Profiles