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NEOK Token is here to address long-standing problems in processing payments, so we can meet the needs of populations left out today.

The token is blockchain-powered decentralized token on the Stellar network. The NEOK project began in December 2020 and launched in January 2021. NEOK aims to facilitate across broader personal remittances; makes it possible to purchase items in our stores; pay for services internationally; receive, send and trade digital representations of all forms of money.

Remittances are sent from foreign countries to family members on a daily basis with high fees when using Money Transfers (MOT) like MoneyGram and Western Union. These additional costs are really impactful to both the sender and receiver and they can cripple businesses. Consumers are now able to use NEOK Token to facilitate MOT, purchase goods in our stores as well as pay or get paid for services.

NEOK aims to lower the cost of product MSRP internationally compared to local merchants. NEOK will enable consumers to pay the original price for items without the impact of inflation.

Only 20 Million NEOK tokens were created and will forever be. NEOK is backed by Stellar Lumens (XLM) and stablecoin (USDC). USDC is the world’s leading digital dollar stablecoin. USDC is governed by Centre, a membership-based consortium that sets technical, policy and financial standards for stablecoins. XLM and USDC are regulated by financial institutions in the United States, backed by fully reserved assets, and redeemable on the current values to XLM and USDC.

The value of our reserves will always match or exceed the value of all the NEOK tokens in circulation. The value of our reserves are publicly available on the blockchain.


Who Are the Founders

NEOK is a product of creator Eldred Kyne. Kyne was drawn to the ability of blockchain technology to solve transparency arguing that it can create “trust-free” structures which do not suffer from corruption. NEOK is a means to reduce the inflation in Western Africa.


NEOK does not control the price of the NEOK Token. The price of the token is rendered based on the current price of Stellar Lumens. XLM controls the pricing of NEOK Token.

What Makes NEOK Unique?

NEOK aims to boost efficiency and transparency, while reducing costs and placing more control in the hands of individual users.

Using transparent technology with no single point of weakness or control, allows for greater security and efficiency while reducing cost through trustless automation.

NEOK is a utility token to provide cross border payment for our goods and services in our store and other entities. The Token serves as a BRIDGE between fiat.

We have over 800 products that can be obtained using our Token, which includes men’s clothing, shoes, bottled water, electronics and many more.

This token eases the hassle of MOT and the high fees associated thereof. NEOK can also be used to settle personal remittances.

NEOK may not be used as an investment because only 20 million tokens are created, and there will be no more created.

How Is NEOK Secured?

NEOK runs on a system without a central authority—meaning no one can stop the network or secretly adjust the numbers to his/her liking—yet even without a central authority the ledgers are verified and updated, every five seconds.

A unique algorithm, the Consensus Protocol (SCP), keeps everything in sync. For every account holder, the ledger stores two important things: what they own (account balances, like “100 pesos tokens” or “5000 NEOK”) and what they want to do with what they own (operations, like “sell 145 NEOK tokens for 50 lumens” or “send 100 NEOK tokens to such-and-such account”.) Every five seconds, all the balances and all the operations are broadcast to the entire network and resolved

Where Can You Buy NEOK Token?

NEOK is a freely-tradable token available on major exchanges, Lobstr, interstellar.exchange, stellarterm, Scopuly, stellarx, Stellarport.io and many more.

You can also get NEOK by exchanging in these pairs. XLM > NEOK, BTC > NEOK